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Does Forex Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Scam?

I've been a customer of IM Mastery Academy for over 4 years. The only scam is the one that high priced educators charge to teach you the same material.

Do I Get Access to Anything Else?

Actually, you do. The educators and other traders that I've partnered with have some pretty cool things set up that a *lot* of people want access to. They are also pretty darn good traders who are also willingly sharing their knowledge.

When you join IM with us, you will also get access to a Discord chat with other traders. Many of these traders are educators in IM, and yet even more are consistently providing value to you.

You will also get free Managed WordPress Hosting.

How Much Money Will I Make?

No one can tell you that. If anyone is trying to guarantee any amount of profit or return then run far away. The only guarantees are the obvious ones. You will enter a trade. You will exit a trade. You will win, lose or draw in a trade. You will have good days. You will have bad days. That's the only think anyone can guarantee you. Please don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

I've heard stories of people going from $100 to $100,000?

Yes, I've heard those stories too. Are they true? Quite possibly so. Is that something you can do? While I will say that anyone could that, I will say that odds of it being any one person are extremely low. In other words, you might be a smart person, and one who learns quickly. The chances of it being you are small. Please don't get into Forex if you think this what you are going to do.

Can I Really Get IM For Free?

Yep. If you know two people who need their freedom, and want to know more about Forex, show it to them. Then get them to sign-up with the links available in your IML back office. There are a few things to know, but ask me about them, and I'll let you know.

You Are You?

You can learn more about me, and Forex, at ForexSecretsUnleashed.com

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My Story

I've been there. I get it. I understand. You are thinking that something is a scam. Is it the education? The tools? Forex?

I thought all of those things too...

However a friend of mine showed it to me. He took the time to answer questions, and give me more information to look at. I quickly realized that Forex wasn't a scam.

Then I had to make up my mind about IM Mastery Academy. I talked to others I knew who had already joined. I saw what they were learning. I wanted to know more.

I took the plunge. I went ahead and decided I'd give it a three months to see if I'd learn anything.

Four years later I'm still here, still learning, and more importantly still using the tools that come with IM. My personal favorites are the IM Web Analyzer (Now Vibrata) and IM Harmonic Scanner. Who knows what yours will be.

Oh, and you want to know something that I don't mention anywhere else? It's not in the emails, it's not on this site anywhere else. I've got an amazing support system of educators and traders who are there helping me learn. I also get to help out people who have questions. I don't know everything about Forex, but I know answers to a lot of questions new people have.

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